Mushroom residence nr.2

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Welcome to the Mushroom Residence nr.2! It is said that many wonderful and magical forest creatures live here. I think I have seen a fairy..!? Who knows, maybe you will spot some too?! They are usually active when we aren’t looking or are asleep.

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You`ll get a uniquely made, mushroom shaped pen and brush holder.
*Handmade out of clay.
*Approximately 11 centimeters in width and 12 centimeters in height, there may be slight size and form differences.
*Every mushroom cap has 5 holes. The size of the holes in the mushroom cap are approximately from 1,5 centimeters to 2,00 centimeters.
*Colors – red, yellow, green, brown and others. Note that colors may appear differently on certain screens and in real life.

The Mushroom brush holder will enhance the aesthetics of any room within your home, whether it’s the living room, bedroom, kids space, or your workspace – the possibilities are endless! With the mushroom-shaped holder you can accommodate your paintbrushes, pens, or even toothbrushes, etc..

It’s an invitation for all who dare to infuse everyday life with a touch of enchantment, transforming the ordinary into something magical!

I love nature and the inspiration behind these mushroom holders lies in the enchanting beauty of nature and the desire to bring a piece of it into our everyday lives. To infuse everyday life with a touch of enchantment! So I combined things I enjoy and love – nature, clay and colors! By the way, where I come from mushrooms are very cool, mushroom picking is one of the most popular activities during summer and early autumn.


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