Why MyKroom?

MyKroom means My Kornelijas Room. I knew I wanted to capture a space. The room symbolizes several things for me.

First. A memory of my childhood room – a small room with orange-painted walls and beautiful rose-textured wallpaper on one side. It was my secretly creative space. Sometimes, the room provided such comfort and daydreaming because the sun would shine through the window, illuminating the entire room with warm tones. During that time, roses from the wallpaper would also illuminate in a champagne color. Magical!

Second. The meaning of our living environment. I believe that the environment and space we live in is important. It becomes particularly crucial in the everyday routine. How do we care for it? Do you like your surroundings? Does it make you feel good? Is it authentic to you?

Third. How we arrange our surroundings and design our space can help us discover more about ourselves! ♥

Fourthly and simply, I love to transform my creative ideas into reality! Additionally, I like to do a variety of different projects that include rooms. I enjoy what I do and hopefully you’ll enjoy it too. Something from my kroom to your own kroom!


Kornelija B

Dare to infuse everyday life with a touch of enchantment!